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NATURAL MUDs and exfoliators

Bursting with 21 earth-given minerals, natural Dead Sea Mud is unequalled in its ability to enrich, enhance and hydrate. With seemingly magical results, your skin will look and feel positively radiant.

Sand and salt from the lowest place on the face
of the earth, the Dead Sea, are delicately
blended into Spa Find exfoliating products.
The combination of these natural exfoliators with pure mineral waters creates divine body and facial treats, resulting in a perfectly pampered
and polished new you.

Black Mud


spa find earth’s natural muds

Black Mud Mask

The original and naturally blended black mud to a truly refresh. A pure, energizing and wonderfully enhancing mud that thoroughly cleanses and assists local circulation, leaving the face and body bright and beautifully invigorated.

Energizing Mud Mask

A silky, thick and creamy mud mask with luscious deep-cleansing ingredients from the earth, to leave skin looking smooth, bright and youthful. This mask blends nourishing Dead Sea Mud, Shea Butter and VMS Complex with pure Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin E, B5 and Chamomile to promote ultimate hydration. Click here for more info.

Stabilizing Mud Mask

A rich mud mask, devoted to deep-cleansing the pores, smoothing and brightening the skin and fighting away frustrating blemishes. The blend of cleansing Kaolin and VMS Complex with pure Dead Sea Minerals, Vitamin E, B5 and Chamomile, allows vital purification and hydration.
Click here for more info.

Conditioning Scalp Mud

A conditioning mud packed full of invigorating minerals that restore your scalp and hair to their naturally healthy and hydrated state. Your scalp will immediately feel refreshed and crystal clean, and your hair will have an enviable charm and shine. Click here for more info.

Deep Peeling Cream

A smooth deep-peeling treatment, which naturally removes dead skin cells to minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, and give skin a brightened, healthy glow. Perfect for very delicate skin. With active Dead Sea Minerals and Kaolin.

Sea Sand Scrub

A mild exfoliating treatment to polish away surface dead skin cells and reveal your truly youthful, fresh and radiant complexion. A gentle blend of Sea Sand, Dead Sea Minerals and Kaolin.

Salt Brushing

A harmonious blend of pure Dead Sea Salts, vitamin E and coconut oil, with a hypnotic citrus aroma, make up this wonderfully pampering body exfoliator. A relaxing yet energizing home spa experience, that positively softens and smooths, leaving you with a divine skin dazzle. With vitamin E to keep your skin youthful, and Dead Sea Salts and coconut oil to deeply nourish and hydrate. Click here for more info.

Anti-Ageing Cranberry Salt Brushing

An amazing full body exfoliation treatment. Cranberry Salt Brushing combines the deeply hydrating and stimulating properties of the original award-winning Salt Brushing, with the addition of powerful anti-ageing plant extracts of Borage, Evening Primrose and Grapeseed. Hydrating Aloe Vera, Grapefruit and Jasmine provide soothing, healing and anti-wrinkle results. Click here for more info.

Dead Sea Salts

100% natural salt crystals from the lowest place on earth, the Dead Sea. Each and every precious salt crystal contains naturally healing minerals that are essential to keep us looking and feeling truly healthy and positive inside and out. With the rare ability to both invigorate and relax, these glorious salt crystals are the natural way of maintaining a hydrated and healthy you. Click here for more info.