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Conditioning Scalp Mud

This product is for daily use, to be used morning, evening or both after shampooing. It’s a conditioning product. This is the second step in your spa hair routine.

A remarkable product combining Dead Sea minerals with plant extract blends of coconut, grapefruit and peach to add a healthy glow to your hair and condition the scalp. Helps prevent flaking and relieves itching, and leaves hair silky smooth and soft. Helps to relieve a dry flaky scalp, gives hair bounce and makes hair shiny and glossy.


Directions for use

After using Spa Find Mineralizing Shampoo, massage Conditioning Scalp Mud into the hair and scalp and leave for several minutes to allow deep mineral hydration. Rinse with warm water.

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With the help of exquisite plant extracts and Dead Sea minerals, relax your mind and body with this luxurious top-to-toe spa treatment regime.

Begin with Spa Find Salt Brushing and Bath Shower Gel. If relaxing in a bath, pour some Dead Sea Bath Salts and a little Bath Shower Gel under warm running water to relax your body and mind, whilst the minerals hydrate dry skin. Standing in the bath or shower, take some Salt Brushing and apply all over a dry body with your hands, using circular movements. Salt Brushing uses natural Dead Sea salts to gently exfoliate, and coconut oil to nourish skin. Relax in your bath or turn on the shower and wash with the silky Bath Shower Gel.

To give your hair a spa cleanse and to deeply hydrate, rinse hair with clean water and using your fingertips, apply Mineralizing Shampoo and massage into scalp and hair. Rinse well.

Follow with Conditioning Scalp Mud. Massage into the hair and scalp and leave for several minutes to allow deep mineral hydration. Rinse with warm water.

After bathing or showering, dry your skin thoroughly and apply Mineralizing Body Lotion generously all over the body. Feel the velvety smoothness, smell the delicious fragrance and see how quickly the lotion is absorbed.

For your hands regularly apply non-greasy Hand Care Cream to soothe dry skin, nourish, and protect your hands from the elements. Massage the cream all over the hands and wrists, including the nails and cuticles.

Treat your feet to intensive Spa Find Foot Care Cream. Specifically formulated for the feet, the cream deeply nourishes, repairs skin, and deodorises. Massage thoroughly all over the feet, ankles and toes. It is non-oily and leaves a lovely silky feeling so you can dress straight away.

Spa Find recommends that you use Bath Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Hand Care Cream, Mineral Shampoo and Foot Care Cream daily. Use Salt Brushing, Dead Sea Bath Salts and Conditioning Scalp Mud once or twice a week as required.

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