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Kalmora Spas

Kalmora Spas are a chain of day spas owned and managed by Finders International Limited. In September 2004, our first location opened in the beautiful South West of England in Plymouth, which offers a wonderful blend of maritime heritage and contemporary culture. Kalmora Spa in Kent was the second venture; located on the Finders International UK premises in the homely Kent countryside, the spa houses the first ever Hydrofloatation pool built in the World!

Kalmora Spa is a tranquil spa retreat where you can gather your thoughts, be pampered and get real results. Whether the aim is to revitalise your mind or regenerate your face and body, Kalmora provides you with a peaceful, calming environment – an opportunity to get away from your everyday stresses and strains and be totally indulgent.

Kalmora Stone

“Perfect sincerity and transparency make a great part of beauty, as in dewdrops, lakes and diamonds.”


“Anybody who keeps the ability to see beauty never grows old.”




Kalmora Plymouth


Kalmora Treatment Philosophy

Our therapists have carefully chosen the treatments and therapies which all have a common
belief – that beauty is not just about your physical appearance, but also how you feel inside.
For this reason Spa Find has been chosen as Kalmora’s key product house.

Are you a Kalmora Spa Virgin?

At Kalmora we especially encourage those who have never visited a spa or salon before to
book a free consultation.

If you are a new client or are unsure which treatment is right for you, please book a complimentary skincare consultation with a Kalmora Spa Therapist. Over a hot or cold drink, we will determine and analyse your concern, before recommending a personalised treatment and product programme.

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