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First Spa Academy


The modern Spa revival has created the need for a better understanding of proper spa principles and ‘best practice’ to be adopted in a modern spa environment.

The First Spa Academy was founded to address this
need and invites Spa Managers, professionals and qualified Beauty Therapists from around the world
to come, learn, experience and enjoy the spa
education and activities on offer.

Bedgbury Poultice Treatment

First Spa Academy Mission – ‘Delivering quality spa education’

The First Spa Academy was founded in order to educate therapists in the spa industry about the authentic meaning of ‘spa’ treatments and ‘spa’ products, through unique and informative practical and theoretical courses, focusing on mineral water, mud and salt therapies.
We aim to have the highest standards of spa education, giving our students the power and knowledge to confidently progress in commercial spa and spa retailing environments.

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